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Teacher Certificate Course Hindustani -101


  • Good Grasp of Sur and Laya. Ability to Sing with a Tanpura.
  • Knowledge of Hindustani Genre of Music
  • Enthusiasm for Teaching
  • Openness and Curiosity to Learn
  • Able to Communciate in English to understand the teaching and apply the learning
  • The student should have the ability to sing in perfect Sur and mature vocal technique, Swara Vistar,Chhota Khayal and Bada Khayal with self composed Aalap, Taan in at least 15 Raga, have a knowledge of Dhrupad and Tarana, ability to compose Sargam Geet and songs in any of the Ragas learnt. The performance skills need to be ably supported by theoretical knowledge of Ragas and related concepts 


This course has been designed and created for Teachers who want to start teaching Hindustani Vocal music lessons  or who are already teaching and would like to develop their teaching strategies to evolve into teachers who create an effective and engaging classroom for their students. 

The course offers the student- teacher to uncover the essential elements of an effective/engagaging classroom starting with undertstanding pedagogy of good teaching-learning and then using that learning to apply it for specifics of Hindustani vocal genre.