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Lullabies - Volume 1


For any body who is looking for songs as lullabies for their child!


Music is a joy that can be shared with your baby even where they are in a mothers womb!. Babies respond to music from the time they are in a mother's womb and it is never too early to expose them to joy of music! When a baby is born, our indian culture surronds the little one with songs for different special occasions! Our culture has a repertoire of songs for different milestones of the child!. Apart from those special songs, moms and dads love to sing to their babies every day. Lullabies are used to woo the baby into sleeping and we are fortunate to have so many lullabies in different languages in india and from around the world. The words are different, the tune different but the goal is all same- try and make your baby sleep while you sing words of love, joy and stories to your child. It is a important part of growing up - every child grows up with hearing songs from family members when they are made to sleep. It is a special bonding time between parents and child and sometimes other members of the family and the child. The Shankar Mahadevan Academy wants to bring this simple but important joy in every parent-childs life. In this endeveour we are planning to create a series of song books which with lullbaies from around India in different languages and from different cultures. The goal is to have new parents enjoy the journey of listening, learning and singing it to their child, or they could even play the songs to the child and share the special momemts of listening together!