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Carnatic Vocal Examination-Ri


The student should have completed upto Carnatic Vocal Beginner 109 course at the Shankar Mahadevan Academy 


The Ri Level Exam consists of 3 contact review classes,  a written exam (take home assignment) and 1 class for viva voce. Viva voce session is up to 1 hour long. The student will have access to the exam OM Book as soon as they enroll. The actual exam will be scheduled based on the student's convenience and availability of teacher. The practical Exam is a performance which will be assessed by the Teachers. The meeting is arranged using video conferencing. A written examination will test the student's grasp of Music theory. This exam enables the student to reinforce the basic concepts which form the building blocks of learning Carnatic Classical Vocal Music.Along with the initiation into Swara Sadhana,Swarajathis and Varnas are included in this level to help voice modulation at this level. This includes perfection in Shruti, Stability of note, singing with taalam. Geethams are introduced to help understand the relationship between swara and sahithya, to learn how they go hand in hand. The Ragas that have been introduced are Saveri,Kalyani,Anandabhairavi,Bilahari,Khamas,Abhogi and Vasantha. Theory - Forms of Carnatic music,biography of Shri Thyagaraja,Shyama shastri and Muthuswamy Dixitar and Ragalakshanas .