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Hindustani Vocal Meera Bhajan HVC110


The student has completed HV104 at the academy OR has learnt the basics of Hindustani classical Music for at least 1.5 years.


Meerabai is one of the most loved and adored saint poets of the Bhakti stream which richly contributed to the music and literature of India. She wrote songs in praise of Lord Krishna This course has three Meera Bhajans, based on Ragas Yaman, Bhimpalasi and Kalavati. The student does Swar Sadhana and voice exercises in the Swaras of these Ragas. Developing stability and flexibility of voice with attention to portraying the emotions in the Bhajan is an integral part of the course. The student also develops skills and knowledge of different Talas and rhythm structures used for singing Bhajans.