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Hindustani Vocal 406


The student has completed HV405 at the academy OR the student has learnt Hindustani Vocal for above 9 years. The student needs to fulfill the pre requisites set by the academy.


The three Ragas chosen for this course Puriya Kalyan, Shyam Kalyan and Gorakh Kalyan, all have the title of Kalyan, but whereas the first two are combinations (Jod) of two Ragaangas to yield a variety of the parent Raga Kalyan. The study of how Puriya in the first half of the octave and Kalyan in the second half, combine to form Puriya Kalyan, will be taken up in the context of whether it is different from a Chhayalag Raga where the shade of a Raga in a parent Raga (Devgiri Bilaval for example) makes a new Raga, or whether the two terms are synonymous. Shyam Kalyan will be studied with the perspective of how it can be differentiated from Kamod and Shuddha Sarang that are very close to it by way of Swara phrasing. The entity of Gorakh Kalyan will be studied independently as it has a distinctive persona that cannot be understood as a mixture of Ragas. The question of how this Raga acquired its name will be the stimulus of this exploration. Theory – Kalyan Prakars, Review Moorchana, Shuddh and Chhayalag Ragas, Jod Ragas,Tirobhav and Avirbhav.