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Carnatic Vocal 407


Those who have completed the CV406 from the Academy. Those who have trained in Carnatic music for at least 9 years and a strong foundation of Varnams, Kritis and singing kalpana swaras and alapanas as well as been introduced to Ragam, thanam and Pallavi singing.


In this level, the student learns to handle in detail rakti ragas like Anandabhairavi which can be sung as a main piece or sung as RTP. The student also learns one of the Avarna Kritis of Dikshitar in M. Chapu . Here to sing swaras in an emotive raga to an odd numbered thala is challenging. Devagandhari , an allied raga to Arabhi is learnt in detail. How different are the two? How should both be handled ? How can you sing swaraprastharas to them ? All this is learnt in detail. Thodi – the chakravarti of all ragas, owing to its oscillating gamakas. This needs a high degree of aesthetics and is taught here in great detail. Can be sung as a sub-main, main, RTP raga or a viruttam raga too. Here again , the student is encouraged to sing viruttams in different ragas according to the meaning and emotion of the verse.