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HVERe- Re certification exam- Hindustani Vocal


The student has completed HV108 at the academy and completed the Sa level.


This course provides the reference material for the second level examination at the academy, the Re level. With the introduction of the concepts of Swar Vistar, the understanding of each Raga is more clear. Along with the Pakad the student has awareness of Nyas Swaras and the key Swar Samoohas. The variety of compositions incudes a Jhap Taal Bandish in Raga Durga, a Dhrupad and a rare Trivat in Raga Bhupali. The Ragas introduced are Brindavani Sarang, Khamaj, Yaman, Des, Kafi, Alhaiya Bilaval, Bhimpalasi, and Bhairav