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Carnatic Vocal 305


Those who have completed the CV304 from the Academy. Those who have trained in Carnatic music for at least 6 years and a strong foundation of Varnams, Kritis and singing kalpana swaras and alapanas.


Half way through the advanced training of 300 series. The student is now ready to give short concert performances. With this module, the insight into different ragas are further honed through grand composition in varied thalas. Here Devagandhari, is understood better through thyagaraja’s composition. Varali, a rakti raga born out of our folk tunes, is dealt with in detail with Dikshitar’s grand composition set in Mishrachapu talam. Karnaranjani , a raga which is a combination of two other ragas but with a distinct characteristic of its own. This is learnt through a composition in Adi (thisra gathi )