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Carnatic Vocal 209


Those who have completed CV208 with the academy. Those who have had at least 3.5 years of training and can sing 12 tana varnams and one pada varnam and one ata thala varnam in two speeds and 16 kritis.

Student must complete CVEGa exam with a passing grade of Honors or above.


Learning complicated Varnams will help in laying a very strong foundation for all advanced learning particularly in the creative aspects of music and also help in getting a firm grip over rhythmical aspects. The student is introduced to new types of compositions that are sung in the tail end of the concerts like Javali. Javalis are useful compositions to understand the kind of music that is sung for dance. The structure of the compositions used in dance is clearly understood in terms of lyrics and their Raga bhava. One of the navagraha kritis are also taught .