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Carnatic Vocal 202


Those who have completed CV201 with the academy. Those who have trained at least 2 years and are able to sing 5 tana varnams in two speeds and are able to identify and sing the twelve swarasthanas with perfection.

Student must complete CVERe exam with a passing grade of Honors or above.


In this course, which is the 2nd of the Intermediate level, the student continues his/her journey exploring new ragas and also compsotions. The student will learn an Adi tala Varnam in the Bhashanga raga Saranga and two krithis in Prathi Madhayama Ragas Kalyani and Amrithavarshini.

Learning Varnams will help in building a very strong foundation for all advanced learning particularly in the creative aspects of music. Varnams are very significant forms and the last in the realm of Abhyasa Ganam. The swara passages in the Varnams enable the student to understand the structure of each raga and the possible combinations of swara patterns that can be sung. 

Kritis of great composers give the student further insight into the way the raga can be developed and inspire their creativity.

A new format called Thillana will also be introduced to the student in the Raga Khamas.