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Carnatic Vocal 108


Alankarams (3 speeds ) in Shankarabaranam, Mayamalavagowla,Shuddha Saveri and Mohanam Dhaatu varisais in 3 speeds in the above 4 ragams. 2 swarajathis (eg. Ra ra venu and Sambashivayanave) 1 Lakshana Geetham Sarali varisais and janta varisais should be sung as akaram in 3 speeds and 4 ragams.

Student must complete CVESa exam with a passing grade of Honors or above


One of the most important forms in Carnatic music ie. Tana Varnam is taught which lays the foundation for all further learning. Krithis are also introduced in this course. Krithi is the highest musical form. It has clear divisions in terms of Pallavi, Anupallavi, and Charanam. Basic varisais will be practiced in new ragams.