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Sa Certification Exam - Hindustani Vocal


The student has completed Hindustani Vocal Beginner 103 course at the academy OR the student has the learning experience of classical music for one year, the student is able to sing Chhota Khayals in Ragas Bhupali and Durga with basic improvisation of Aalap and Taan within the Taal structure. Has learnt compositions in Teentaal and Jhaptaal. In addition to this, student has awareness of folk genre and is able to sing a prayer and a folk song in perfect tune and rhythm. 


The Sa Level Exam summarizes and reinforces HV101, 102 and 103. The initiation into Swar Sadhana has been done at this level. This includes perfection in Shruti, Stability of note, singing with a free voice, practice with different vowel sounds Aakar, Iikar, Uukar. Alankars are sung incorporating basic rhythm patterns of three, four and five. The Ragas that have been introduced are Bhupali and Durga. The student could review their learning from the courses up to HV103. 

Theory - Definition of 'Sangeet', Seven Swaras, Swara names, Alankar, What is a Raga, basic characteristics- Vadi, Samvadi, time of singing, Jaati, Raga Characteristics of the two Ragas chosen, Laya,types of Laya, Teen taal, Jhap taal and Dada Theka. Tanpura construction and tuning. Basic description of the Tabla.