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Hindustani Vocal 209


The student should have completed HV208 at the academy OR The student should have above five years of learning experience, with an ability to sing a Swara Vistar, Chhota Khayal with self composed Aalap, Taan in at least fourteen Ragas. The student should be able to sing a Dhrupad composition with Dugun, Tigun, Chougun and Tarana with improvisation. The student should have the ability to compose a simple Sargam Geet and a Tarana in any of the Ragas learnt. The student should be able to develop Aalap and Bol Aalap within the structure of the Bada Khayals in Ragas Bhupali, Yaman, Bhairav and Bihag, Layakari and Taan in Bada Khayal in at least one Bada Khayal. Students who wish to join this level directly need to submit the prerequisite assessment assigned by the academy on enrolment


Bada Khayal in Bhairav is revisited. Three Chhota Khayal compositions in Bhairav are in Teentaal, Ektaal and Jhaptaal. These compositions are sung with improvised Aalap and Taan. Raga Shankara comes in with its cascading Swara movements. The Chhota Khayal is learnt with improvisation. The Bandish itself incorporates the Raga characteristics. So singing the Bandish to perfection plays a big role. Kalavati is a Raga which has been used in popular Bhajans and film songs. This Raga is introduced with a Bandish. Student composition involves traversing different Ragas by composing a medley of Ragas or a Ragamaala.

Theory : Prabandh, Vastu Roopak- tracing the journey of a composition. Taan Ke Prakar Gamak Taan and Koot Taan. Gamak Ke Prakar.