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Hindustani Vocal 108


The student should have completed HV107 at the academy or the student should be able to: 

  • Create and sing Alankar patterns in Shuddh Swar Saptak and the Raga scales
  • Perform Chhota Khayal with self-created Aalap and Taan in at least 6 Ragas 
  • Explain the Raga Characteristics and sing Swara Vistar in Ragas learnt
  • Sing a Tarana in any Raga
  • Compose and present a Geet, Swar Maalika, Tarana and Lakshangeet 
  • Recite Teentaal, Rupak, Ektaal and Jhaptaal fluently 
  • Present a Bhajan 
  • Render a Dhrupad composition with Dugun and Chougun



This course HV108 focuses on navigating from one Raga to another with ease. This is done with the practice of a variety of Swara patterns in each Raga and the Swar Vistar. The student creates a composition of a Sargam geet by taking two Ragas. 

Raga Kafi is practiced with the addition of Taan patterns. The student has the option of learning a Tarana in Raga Kafi. Raga Alhaiya Bilaval is a nuanced Raga that is introduced with a Chhota Khayal.An Abhang is included for learning with details about forms like Abhang, Kirtan, Kirtane.

 The Thaat system and associated terms are discussed in this course