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Hindustani Vocal 108


The student should have completed HV107 at the academy or the student should be able to: • Present Chhota Khayal in at least 5 Ragas with self-created Aalap, Taan and Swar Vistar. • Render a Dhrupad composition with Dugun and Chougun. • Compose and sing a Tarana.


This is the concluding course of the Beginners Level. The student reviews the various Ragas learnt until now and also works on the ability to switch from one Raga to another with ease. Articulating the emotions created by each of these Ragas, the student does the creative exercise of using Raga sound clips as a back ground score fo a given story or verse. The student also reviews various compositions like Dhrupad, Tarana and Bhajan. Raga Bhairav is learnt with Chhota Khayal in different Ektaal. A Marathi Abhang is learnt and a Kannada Devaranaama is included for listening. A Swar Malika is learnt in Raga Hamsadhwani and the Raga characteristics are studied.