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Hindustani Vocal 107


The student should have completed HV106 from the academy ‘OR’ the student should be able to: 

  • Create and sing Alankar patterns in Shuddh Swar Saptak and the Raga scales
  • Perform Chhota Khayal with self-created Aalap and Taan in at least 4 Ragas 
  • Explain the Raga Characteristics and sing SwaraVistar in Ragas learnt
  • Sing a Tarana in any Raga
  • Compose and present a Geet, Swar Maalika and Lakshangeet 
  • Recite Teentaal, Rupak, Ektaal and Jhaptaal fluently 
  • Present a Bhajan 


This course HV107 reinforces the techniques of Swara Sadhana and Swara patterning with the practice of complex or Vakra Swara patterns. The Chhota Khayal in Raga Des is detailed out with development of Aalap and Taan, Bol Aalap gains focus. Raga Kafi is introduced in this course with a Chhota Khayal along with Aalap. Swar Vistar is practiced in these Ragas along with the practice of Aakar. A Bhajan base on Raga Yaman set in Taal Rupak is sung. 

Composition exercise is done by the student composing a Tarana.

   Along with the Ragas like Des and Kafi, different types of compositions under allied forms of classical music like Thumri and Taapa are introduced for the student to listen to. The time theory is discussed in detail.

Skill development encompasses Swara and Raga identification exercises.