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Hindustani Vocal 107


The student should have completed HV106 from the academy ‘OR’ the student should be able to: • Perform Chhota Khayal with self-created Aalap and Taan in at least 4 Ragas along with SwaraVistar • Sing a Tarana in any Raga and should be able to create Alankar patterns and sing them, compose and sing a Swar Maalika and Tarana • recite Teentaal and Jhaptaal fluently and should be able to sing a Bhajan.


This course focuses on singing the Ragas done with ease and navigating from one Raga to another. This also includes Raga Pecehan, identification of Raga by listening to the tunes. The highlights of this course are assignments where the student analyses Ragas and the emotions created by each Raga. This is what in fact brings power to music. Getting into the mood of each Raga leads to inspiration for the musician . In this course Chhota Khayal is sung in Raga Alhaiya Bilaval. A Rabindra Sangeet composition based on Bilaval is studied. Raga Bhimpalasi is introduced as a Janya Raga of Raga Kafi. A study of the concept of Thaat and how Thaat generates Ragas is done. All the Raga characteristics are reviewed.