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Hindustani Vocal 103


Student should have completed HV102 from the academy OR; the student should have the ability to: • Create and sing Alankar patterns in Shuddh Swar Saptak and Ragas Bhupali and Durga • Render Chhota Khayal Bandish with simple Aalap and Taan in Ragas Bhupali and Durga • Create a Sargam Geet


The process of identifying Swaras may seem daunting but in reality it can be taught in such a way that the learner can pick up this skill by connecting the right dots. This is what the Beginner Hindustani Vocal 103 enables the learner to do. Different combinations of Swaras starting with simple ones are practiced with attention to Swara positions. The Swar Sadhana and patterning is done hand in hand with Laya structures. 

Raga Durga is taken up for study with Chhota Khayal with focus on improvisation. An odd rhythm structure is introduced with a Jhaptaal composition. A Sargamgeet that has been composed earlier would be reviewed and refined. Sangachhadvam, the Sanskrit verse set to Raga Bhupali Swaras and Taal Dadra is practiced along with interesting Sargam and Aalap.