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Joy of Singing (H) 702


Hindustani classical music training for a period of one year or passed HVOC102 from the Academy. The students joining directly need to submit the prerequisite assessment.Also the CVOC students of the academy can join these courses but they need to undergo with a prerequisite assessment.


The course will focus on a variety of beautiful compositions based on 3 main Ragas: Raga Kalavati, Raga Kedar, Raga Todi. For each Raga taught in the course, you will learn the concepts of Aroha and Avaroha, followed by the composition Swaramalika. You will also gain insight into other Ragas that are closer to the Raga being taught and most importantly, great compositions based on the Raga. Raga Kalavati : Learn a Melodious Bhajan written by Brahamanand on Goddess Durga set in Bhajani theka. You will also enjoy learning the chain of notes which beautifully explains the flow of Raga Kalavati. Raga Kedar: Enjoy and learn the devotional song “Prabhu tum antaryami….”.This song is originally based on Raga Shyam Kalyan, however you will learn to sing the same song in Raga Kedar. Prepare the original song and our teachers will guide you to polish your rendition and prepare for a performance. Raga Miyan Ki Todi: Raga Miyan Ki Todi is one of the most mesmerizing of all the Ragas. In this course, you will learn to render the famous Kabir Bhajan “Man lago yaar fakiri mein…..”, in Raga MiyanKi Todi and compare the Rasa bhava with the original tune. The teacher will also help you fine tune your performance of any song based on these 3 Ragas.