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Joy of Singing (H) 701


Hindustani classical music training for a period of one year or passed HVOC102 from the Academy. The students joining directly need to submit the prerequisite assessment.Also the CVOC students of the academy can join these courses but they need to undergo with a prerequisite assessment.


The course will focus on a variety of beautiful compositions based on 3 main Ragas: Raga Vrindavani Sarang, Raga Shankara and Raga Bihag. Raga Vrindavani Sarang: You will get to explore this Raga better with the help of amazing Kabir Bhajan. This particular Bhajan was popularized by two great artists Ganasaraswati Smt. Kishoritai Amonkar and Shri Anup Jalota. In this course you will experience the same Bhajan in a different Raga, style and mood. The lyrics of the composition are “Rehna Nahi Des Birana Hai…“ Raga Shankara: This Raga derives its name from Lord Shankara and has been described by Vamanrao Deshpande as a great Raga for representing the “heroic“ mood. You will learn a unique composition that combines both words and notes. This composition is set to Taal Dhumali (Bhajani theka) and we’re sure you will have a great time learning this. Raga Bihag: The famous song “Tere sur aur mere geet….“ uses Raga Bihag as its base. This is a beautiful Raga worth exploring for anybody who loves Hindustani Music. In this course, you will get to learn many aspects of this Raga and compositions. You will be learning a composition/geet set in 7 beat cycle. The words of the composition are “Prabhu mori Binti Sun…” The teacher will also help you fine tune your performance of any song based on these 3 Ragas.