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Pre-playback singing (Pitch and breath control)


  1. Sing SA with breath control for as long as you can with tanpura in your comfortable pitch. Repeat this in three different pitches. Switch on tanpura, announce the pitch and sing. Change the tanpura, announce the pitch and sing and repeat the same in another pitch.
  2. Sing SRGMPDNS SNDPMGRS in any raag of your choice in one breath continuously using a tanpura and a metronome. Do this in three pitches comfortable to you.  

Start recording ->  start the tanpura, start the metronome at a medium pace, announce the pitch sing the above exercise, change the tanpura to a higher pitch, announce the pitch, sing the same phrase,  and change the tanpura to a 2 notches lower, announce the pitch, sing the same phrase.

Note:  Do not take the help of a harmonium or keyboard to sing the entire phrase by playing along the instrument.



Pitch also known as Shruthi is the foundation for music and is an important aspect for learners and performers. This is what keeps all the musicians in sync while performing and provides a delightful experience for the audience to listen. In this course, the student learns the importance of Pitch, its relevance in music, how to sing in a particular pitch and will be able to sing with the Tanpura/Shruthi box, which is an instrument used in Indian music as a pitch reference. The course begins with the basic reference note 'Sa' and progresses to provide an understanding of all the seven notes Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni. The student also learns to identfy Sa Pa Sa for a particular pitch or given any pitch reference. The course winds up with the student being able to sing an entire song with pitch reference maintaining the shruthi throught out the song and furthermore trying to sing the song for different pitch references.