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Raga Bihag - an in-depth study HV904


The student needs to have completed HV210 at the academy OR the student needs to have the following skills- Alankar singing in different rhythm patterns.Ability to distiguish and sing Shudh, Komal and Tivra Swaras.Good sense of Laya and Taal. Student has learnt Chhota Khayal in at least 12 Ragas .



This course , the first in the Raga Deep Dive provides an insight into Raga Bihag. Hindustani classical music, the Ragdhari Sangeet is the music of improvisation within the perview of the Raga. Singing a Raga is much more than just making permutations and combinations with Swaras. It involves a keen sense of understanding the persona that every Raga has. This course introduces the student to the exploration of Raga in the form Bada Khayal, which is meditative, the medium tempo Chhota Khayal along with the more popular compositions like Bhajans. Emphasis is on creativity(Alaap,Taan) and Swara Sadhana(which includes voice training and voice culture).