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Electronic Keyboard - Trinity College London - Grade 5, Part 1


Students should have taken the Trinity Grade 4 Electronic Keyboard examination or covered all the pieces for the same (Taking the 201-203 courses)**

Student should have Relevant Books for Trinity Grade 5 Electronic Keyboard Exam


** Students who have not cleared the Grade 4 exam or 201-203 course will have to get a counselling session done to acertain if they are indeed ready to learn content from Grade 5



This course is for students who have either taken the Trinity Electronic Keyboard Grade 4 examination or completed the Grade 4 courses. This course is divided into 3 parts to ensure students have ample of practice to be able to perform a minimum of 3 pieces, if not all. Students are also introduced to grade specific music theory which is incorporated in the pieces and technical work of this syllabus.

All Trinity College London courses will train student(s) to prepare for Trinity College London examinations. The exams and certifications are external and registration for this can be completed by going to