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Raga Thodi - In-depth study


The student should have completed the CV204 course at the academy or should have learnt at least 5 to 6 varnams in the basic ragas, 10 krithis in madhyama kala as well as vilamba kala. The student should be able to understand and sing with basic Gamakas, shruthi and Tala.


This course , the first in the Raga Deep Dive series provides a detailed insight into Raga Thodi. Hanumath Thodi is the 8th Melakartha raga in the 72 melakartha raga scheme. Singing a Raga is much more than just making permutations and combinations with Swaras. It involves a keen sense of understanding the persona that every Raga has and this is what the course aims at achieving. This course introduces the student to the exploration of Raga in the form of different important compositions in Carnatic music which includes the beautiful Thodi Raga Adi Tala Varnam, a few krithis and also the majestic Shyama Shastri swarajathi.

Apart from learning these important compositions, emphasis is given to exploring manodharma aspects. The course coveres a detailed exploration of singing Raga Alaapna, Neraval and Kalpana Swara.