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Course fees : USD 799

PRAYAG- Budding Musicians (Hindustani Vocals)


The applicants need to have learned Hindustani vocal for 5-8 years. The student of Shankar Mahadevan Academy must have completed HV210 and is learning at levels HV301 and above in the academy. Students who wish to apply need to go through a prerequisite assessment that needs to be taken online. 


PRAYAG Budding Musicians for Hindustani vocals is for experienced performers who wish to showcase their talent to Shankar Mahadevan and the Gurus in Hindustani Vocals, and who wish to reach a wider audience. 

This course aims to mentor the performer to present a 90-minute solo concert that builds on their skills and strengths as a musician. This course is offered to performers with some experience who would hone their knowledge and skills by an in depth approach with valuable inputs and guidance. 

PRAYAG is a confluence of individuals who are on the path of Sangeet Sadhana – practise of music. This is a space to bring out creative expressions through the performing art of Indian classical music in the best possible way. This is a platform that believes in constant evolution and growth. PRAYAG is sacred. PRAYAG nurtures art with positivity and effort to combine knowledge with practice.

Students will present a 90-minute concert to Shankar Mahadevan and Gurus in the field of Hindustani music.