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Playback Singing


The course is designed for singers who have a good knowledge of Sur (melody), Taal (rhythm), Dynamics, Expressions. Students aspiring to qualify for this course should be able to sing a song in a way that expresses your creativity and at the same time maintains the beauty and emotion of the original (if the song is a cover). Please note that we are looking for a voice that is unique and a singer skillful enough to master the song that is produced for them. 

Students who apply must be 16 years or older at the time of enrolment.  

Upload two  recordings of  2mins or more with a Tanpura / basic pad and Click / Metronome. 

  • One song must be in a genre in an area that is in the strength of the student.
  • The other song should be like a self challenging song which the student wishes to explore and improve upon.

Vocal processing and any digital alteration is strictly prohibited and will be disqualified, even if it is found post assessment of the prerequisite .


Playback singing has been an inseparable part of Indian culture since the advent of talkies in motion pictures. Playback singers have turned many unknown actors into overnight stars and have become the voice they are forever identified with. 

What does it take to become a playback singer?  Is it the voice? Or the expression? Or the skill with Sur and Laya? Or creativity? It is all this and much more. 

This course will help the student decode what it takes to be a good playback singer and get an understanding and attain knowledge of the nuances. 

This is a course that will be personalized for each student - it will help the student identify their strengths and weaknesses as a singer and how to leverage those strengths or overcome those weaknesses. 

Students will also learn how to understand and analyse the vision of the music director and to bring their own creativity to any song. 

At the end of this course, if selected, students will also record a song (this would be an existing song with new lyrics), arranged and produced by Shankar Mahadevan Academy. The single will carry the student’s name in credits and will be available for the Shankar Mahadevan Academy to use it in any way that will popularize the song without any financial obligations to the student or singer.

ONLY Students who score above 90% in their end class evaluation which will be done by the teacher, will be given the opportunity to present their song to Shankar Mahadevan.