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Soch Na Sake is a popular song from the fiml Airlift directed by Raja Krishna Menon, having Akshay Kumar play the lead. The music for this film has been composed by Amaal Malik and this song has been sung by Amaal Malik, Arijith Singh and Tulsi Kumar.

  • Preface
  • Credits
  • Song background and introduction
  • Lyrics of the song
  • Introduction to Mukhda
  • Lyrics of the Mukhda
  • Melody and singing of the Mukhda
  • Ornamentation and inflections of the mukhda
  • Learning and practice of the mukhda
Antara 1
  • Introduction to Antara 1
  • Lyrics of Antara 1
  • Melody and Singing of Antara 1
  • Ornamentation and inflections of antara 1
  • Learning and practice of antara 1
Antara 2
  • Introduction to Antara 2
  • Lyrics of Antara 2
  • Melody and singing of Antara 2
  • Ornamentation and inflection of Antara 2
  • Learning and practice of antara 2
Entire song
  • Singing the entire song
  • Learning and practice of the entire song
  • Reference Video