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Saint Thiagaraja’s grand Ghana raga pancharatna is a must for all music students. Here we learn the last one in sree raga. The unique feature of this composition is that it starts on the second count of the thala. Here also the student is able to understand and appreciate the nuances of the raga and also improve his creativity in singing the same.


o learn a ghana raga pancharatna set in raga Shri.

To understand the format of the composition.

To be able to perform in the last class.

Introduction to Pancharatna
  • Introduction to Pancharatna
Pallavi and anupallavi of Sadhinchene
  • Pallavi and anupallavi of Sadhinchene
Charanas of Sadhinchene
  • first 5 charanas (both swara and sahithy)
Charanas of Sadhinchene
  • The rest of the charanas
Performance of Sadhinchene
  • Performance of Sadhinchene

Sing the  intricacies of a Ghana raga like Sree and the complete ratna with swara and sahitya with perfection