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12 week(s)
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Hidustani Classical Music is like an ancient Banyan tree which encompasses various styles of Music under its umbrella. Bhakti Sangeet is one such stream of Music. Bhajan compositions could be Raga based or may not adhere to Raga structure, the focus being on expression of the lyrical content effectively. This course stars with a prayer to Ganesha, Vigneshwara, the remover of all obstacles. A Saraswati Vandana is learnt, invoking the blessings to the Godess of Knowledge. The song Vaishnav Janato is learnt understanding the nuances of this ageless Bhajan by Narsingh Mehta.


  • To learn Ganesha Stuti  'Gananayakaya'
  • To learn a Saraswati Vandana
  • To learn Bhajan 'Vaishnav Janato'
  • To understand the Swaras used in the Bhajans learnt and also get introduced to the Ragas that they are based on.
  • To understand he Talas Keherva, Dadra and Bhajan Taal

Learning Outcomes:

The student is able to perform

  • the Ganesh Stuti
  • the Saraswati Vandana
  • Vaishnav Janato in Sur and with an understanding of Taal
  • Recite Bhajan Taal, Keherva and Dadra

The student should have completed HV102 at the academy OR The student should have learnt classical music for One year, having been introduced to the Swaras and the concept of Raga and Taal.
Swar Sadhana
  • Vowel Sounds
  • Alankar
Bhajan Singing
  • Introduction to Bhajan Singing
  • Chhand and Taal
  • Gananayakaya lyrics
  • About Gananayakaya
  • Taal Keherva
Saraswati Vandana
  • Saraswati Stuti
  • Introduction to Yaman
  • Taal Ektaal
  • Jaya Devi Jaya Devi
Vaishnav Janato
  • Vaishnav Janato lyrics
  • Introduction to Raga Khamaj
  • Bhajan Taal