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12 week(s)
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This course includes a variety of songs based on Hindustani classical music.


To do Swar Sadhana with vowel sounds

To do patternning with Swaras

To learn the songs with melodic and rhythmic nuances

To understand the jist meaning of the songs



The student has been initiated into Shuddh Swara practice, patternning with Swaras and Rhythm patterns. The student is keen to learn and sing a variety of songs.

  • Introduction
  • Poetry
  • Meaning
  • Learning with Swaras

The student understands the relevance of Swar Sadhana 

The student sings simple patterns with Shuddh Swaras

The student is able to compose simple patterns with Swaras

The student is able to present the songs in Sur, Taal and expressions