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This is one among the courses designed to introduce young children to Hindustani Music. This course includes a melodious Saraswati Vandana, and two Bhajans. Kheti Karo is a Bhajan by saint poet Kabir. The student reviews the songs learnt earlier. Swara progresion and skip note patterns are practiced. 

HV100 series of courses provide a foundation for young children to enjoy and appreciate Indian music. The lessons introduce the children to the fundamentals of Hindustani music with an approach of generating curiosity and discovery. The concepts of Sur and Laya are weaved into interesting poetry and rhythm elements. This series of courses include songs from various genres like Nature poetry, Childrens' songs in simple Hindi, Prayers and verses, all leading to a discovery of Swaras, Raga and Taal.       The HV100 courses are designed for children to provide a strong foundation of voice culture, listening skills, singing basic Sargams, Rhythm concepts and exercises, correlating Swaras to sound on a basic level and learning Swara/Raga based songs in simple Hindi which the child would enjoy singing. 

These courses encourage creative thinking by introducing them composing exercises.


To practice the seven Swaras in a set rhythm

To sing the progression of Seven Swaras 

To sing alternate Swaras

To compose Swara patterns

To sing simple tunes with a perfect sense of Sur and Laya

To discover natural rhythm in poetry and music

To co ordinate singing with rhythm

To learn the songs in perfect melody and rhythm

To learn the Saraswati Vandana, Kheti Karo and Hay Jagadraata

 To review the songs learnt earlier



The student has completed HV100C at the academy OR

The child sings seven Shuddh Swaras in Swar and Aakar. The child is able to sing repetitive Alankar patterns and simple Alankar patterns (in rhythms of 2,3,4) 

The child is able to sing a prayer and 3 Hindi songs (non film) in Sur and Taal. The admission in this case would be done as per the advise of experts at the academy. 

 This course is suitable for chidren from age of about 7 years to any age





Saraswati Vandana
  • Jaya Devi poetry
  • Jaya Devi meaning
  • Jaya Devi learning
Kheti Karo
  • About Sant Kabir
  • Kheti Karo Poetry
  • Kheti Karo meaning
  • Kheti Karo learning
Hay Jagadrata
  • Hay Jagadrata- Poetry
  • Hay Jagadrata- Meaning
  • Hay Jagadrata- Learning
Patti Doli
  • Patti Doli Poetry
  • Patti Doli- Learning review
Alankars Review
  • Revising and learning new Alankars

The student is able to

echo a tune by listening

The student sings seven Swaras and various patterning exercises

The student presents the diferent songs in tune, rhythm and with correct diction

The student presents the Saraswati Vandana, Kheti Karo and Hay Jagadraata in Sur and Laya

The student has reviewed a song that was learnt earlier and is able to present it with an improvisational idea

Review and present songs learnt earlier in tune, rhythm and with correct diction