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12 week(s)
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Three Ragas chosen for this course are evocative of seasons. Megh Malhar is sung during the Monsoon, Hemant in winter and Bahar in spring. The texts of Bandhishes in these Ragas as well as their Swara combinations will be explored in the light of their being seasonal Ragas. Raga Madhmad Sarang with the same Swaras as Megh but with a completely different personality will be reviewed highlighting the fact that Sarang Ang and Malhar Anga are different and hence the differences in these two Ragas. In addition to these two ragas, two other interesting Malhar Prakars are introduced in this course with Chhota Khayals- Ramdasi Malhar and Jayant Malhar. Theory – The Sarang Ang, Sarang ke Prakar, Review Gamak Ke Prakar. Different Gharanas and approaches.

Course Format

Batch Size: 1

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


  • To sing Swar Aalap in the Ragas Megh Malhar, Hemant, Ramdasi Malhar and Jayant Malhar with clarity in Raga Roop.
  • To learn a Bada Khayal with development in Megh Malhar
  •  To learn a Madhyalay Chhota Khayal Bandish in Raga Megh Malhar
  • To learn Chhota Khayals with development in Ragas Hemant, Megh Malhar, Ramdasi Malhar and Jayant Malhar
  • To prepare slide show with Ragas Hemant and Megh Malhar using visuals related to these seasons
  • To review Ragas Bahar and Madhmad Sarang

The student has completed HV402 at the academy OR the student has learnt Hindustani Vocal for 8.5 years. The student needs to fulfill the pre requisites set by the academy.

Raga Megh Malhar
  • Introduction to Megh Malhar
  • Raga Characteristics of Megh Malhar
  • Comparison of Megh Malhar with Madhmad Sarang
  • Bada Khayal in Megh Malhar
  • Chhota Khayal in Megh Malhar
  • Introduction to Hemant
  • Raga Characteristics of Hemant
  • History associated with the origin of Raga Hemant
  • Comparison of Hemant with similar Ragas like Bhinna Shadja
  • Chhota Khayal in Hemant
Raga Ramdasi Malhar
  • Introduction to Ramdasi Malhar
  • Raga Characteristics of Ramdasi Malhar
  • Chhota Khayal in Ramdasi Malhar
Raga Jayant Malhar
  • Introduction to Jayant Malhar
  • Raga Characteristics Jayant Malhar
  • Chhota Khayal in Jayant Malhar
The Sarang Ang Ragas
  • Sarang Ang
  • Ragas of the Sarang family
  • Application of the Sarang Ang in different ragas
Review Gamak Ke Prakar
  • Khatka, Murki, Andolan
  • Gamak in reference to the Shastras
Different Gharanas and approaches
  • Gwalior
  • Agra
  • Kirana
  • Jaipur Atrauli
  • Rampur Sahaswan

  Learning Outcomes

The student is able to

  • Present Raga Megh Malahar for thirty minutes
  • Present Raga Hemant for about 15 minutes each
  • Present Ragas Ramdasi Malhar and Jayant Malhar for 10 minutes each
  • Distinguish the Ragas Megh Malhar/Madhmad Sarang , Jaijaivanti, Jayant Malhar