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4 week(s)
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Hey Prabho Anandadaata' is a popular and melodious Bhajan in Yaman set to Taal Roopak. Different singers have sung this Bhajan in their unique syles. This Bhajan can be sung very well as a group prayer also.

Course Format

4 instructor led classes, each session is 45 minutes. The student has the option to take add on classes


To understand the meaning of this Bhajan

To develop awareness about the Raga which the song is based on and the Swara mapping

To learn the Bhajan 'Hay Prabho Anada daata' set to Taal Rupak

To improvise applying the Swaras and Raga

To improvise applying the Raga, Swara concepts to express emotions of the song

Skill Level HV103

Introduction to the Raga and Taal
  • Raga Yaman
  • Raga Yaman Kalyan
  • Taal- Rupak
Learning the song - Hay Prabho Anand daata
  • Hay Prabho Anand daata- lyrics
  • Hay Prabho Anand daata- Swaras
  • Hay Prabho Anand daata- song with Taal
  • Hay Prabho Anand daata- practice