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Dil Chahta Hai from the Movie Dil Chahta Hai


Have fun singing one of your favorite songs!

  • Preface to the OM Book by Shankar Mahadevan
  • Song Credits
  • Introduction Voice Over
  • Entire Song Video
Lyrics of the Song
  • Lyrics in English
  • Lyrics in Hindi
Mukhda of the Song
  • Lyrics of the Mukhda
  • Mukhda Explanation and Ornamentation
  • Learning of Mukhda
  • Practice of Mukhda
Antara 1 of the Song
  • Lyrics of Antara 1
  • Explanation and Ornamentation of Antara 1
  • Learning of Antara 1
  • Practice of Antara 1
Entire Song
  • Listening to the Entire Song
  • Practice of the Entire Song
Guitar Tabs and Sheet Music
  • Piano Sheet music
  • Guitar Tabs
  • Wiki Link to the Movie
  • Wiki Link to the Artist
  • You Tube Link of the Song
  • You Tube Link of the Artist Singing the Song Live
  • You Tube Link of Minus One Track of the Song