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12 week(s)
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Students will be introduced to an important lesson in Carnatic Music which is the Sapta Tala Alankarams. Alankaras are aesthetically composed groups of swara phrases that have been set to each of the Suladi Sapta Talas.The student will learn to sing varisais (patterns) in 7 different talams and will also understand the important concept of the Jaathi.

Along with the varisais, the Suddha Saveri, Kalyani and Khamboji geetham was also be taught. The student will understand through the course the important difference between the Suddha and Prathi Madhyama.

A breif theory on the concept of Gamakas is also introduced.


Course Format

Batch Size: 1

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


1. Learn the sapta tala alankarams and understand the concept of the Jati.

2. Learn all the 7 alankarams in all the three speeds with Tala

3. Learning the geethams in the Raga Suddha Saveri,  Kalyani and Khamboji

4. Create simple phrases and different patterns in Raga Kalyani and Suddha Saveri

5. Creative exrecise of creating your own alankaram and geetham

Student should have completed upto the CV104 course or should know Basics lessons of Carnatic music (Includes all sarali, janta, dhatu, higher and lower sthayi varisais). Should know the 4 pillari geethams in Raga Malahari, Mohana Geetham and the Saveri Raga geetham along with the Tala.



Sapta Tala Alankarams in Mayamalavagowla
  • Chaturasra Dhruva Talam
  • Chaturasra Matya Talam
  • Chaturasra Roopaka Talam
  • Misra Jhampa Talam
  • Tisra Triputa Talam
  • Khanda Ata Talam
  • Chaturasra Eka Talam
Suddha Saveri geetham
  • Suddha Saveri geetham swara
  • Suddha Saveri geetham sahithyam
Kalyani Geetham
  • Kamalajadala Swara
  • Kamalajadala Sahithyam
Basic Exercises
  • Basic exercises in Suddha Saveri
  • Basic exercises in Kalyani
Kamboji - Geetham
  • Khamboji geetham swara
  • Khamboji geetham sahithyam
  • General knowledge about musical instruments and order
  • forms of Carnatic music (2 forms)
  • Raga lakshanas
Divyanama Keerthana (optional lesson)
  • Raama Kodanda Raama - Bhairavi

At the end of the course the student should be able to

- Sing the 5 out of the 7 alankarams with the correct talam in the 1st and 2nd speed

- Sing the geethams in swara and sahithyam in proper shruthi and tala

- Create simple varisais/phrases in Raga Kalyani and Suddha Saveri