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This course includes songs that express our love for our favorite Lord Ganesha, also known as Ganapati and Vigneshwara. Ganesha Chaturthi is the most awaited festival of the year. This day Lord Ganesha is welcomed not only into the homes of devotees but also into communities. The festival is celebrated for a span of 10 days starting from Chaturthi, the fourth day of Bhadrapada month. These 10 days are marked by celebrations with music and dance. Learn these beautiful songs, enjoy singing, and share your joy with your family and friends. 





Course Format

This course has 12 instructor led sessions.  The 12th session is the performance session.



  • To do Swar Sadhana with Shuddh Swaras.
  • To learn the song Maha Ganapate Namostute with Shloka
  • To learn the song Vishwadhara Vinayaka
  • To learn the Taal Keherva and Bhajan Taal
  • To learn the meanings of compositions and practice right pronunciation 
  • To sing the songs within the Taal structure with an insight into emotions conveyed by these songs

Vishwadhara Vinayaka
  • Vishwadhara words with explanation
  • Learning Vishwadhara
  • Taal Bhajani
  • Vishwadhara Vinayaka with Taal
Maha Ganapate Namostute
  • Maha Ganapate words with explanation
  • Maha Ganapate learning
  • Taal- Keherva
  • Maha Ganapate with Taal
  • Gananayakaya verse and meaning
  • Gananayakaya learning
  • Gananayakaya with Taal Keherva
  • Gananayakaya Practice
Ganesha- Sing and Draw
  • Drawing activity

The student is able to

  • Sing Swara patterns and Alankar that aid Swar Sadhana and skill development
  • Present Maha Ganapate with Shloka in Sur and Taal with right pronunciation
  • Present Vishwadhara Vinayaka with Sur and Taal

Introduce the songs with meaning of words